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So here it goes….

6 Oct

I did a teensy weensy bit of blogging a while back. Then along came a baby and there went blogging haha! So now that I’ve gotten into more of a life routine (I think), I can go back to more of my creative pursuits. My ultimate goal is to work from home in a creative direction, so this blog is going to be dedicated to me showing my progress and things I think of to help me to that goal.

There are some things I truly love doing–photography, sewing, woodworking (if I can get back into that one), etc–and that will probably be the focus of this blog. On top of sharing creative ideas and furthering my online business at Etsy, I also want to share ideas I’ve stumbled across to help me budget and live more simply, which I know will be part of what helps me to work from home someday.

Here’s what I plan to show you as I begin my blog party(!):

  • Photographs I’ve taken, tips I’ve learned, and my general progression in this area. It’s something I’ve truly loved since I was a wee one and it’s always on my mind :) I think I family on vacation sometimes because the darn camera is always in tow–haha oh well! Also, I will post other photographers’ work whom I look up to for inspiration
  • Sewing projects! I have always wanted to learn to sew, but never dedicated the time to learn, but this past year, it’s really taken off! This is tied with photography for things I really enjoy in my “free time.”
  • Simple cooking and recipes involving my progression away from processed foods. I’ll post recipes I find or ideas from the web on how I’ve been doing because, as we all know, food can be a large chunk of the budget once you have a family.
  • and…Etsy shop updates! I have had an Etsy store since they began in 2005, although I haven’t always been active and I’ve had a few different storefronts. But I really intend to get back to that :)
Ok, I think that pretty much covers it!