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Photoberfest Contest on Katie Evans’ Photography Blog!

18 Oct

So I am always scanning the internet for interesting photographers to learn from and spark my creativity and one of these such photographers is Katie Evans. She site is so informative and I think it’s pretty neat how her blog is geared towards teaching people how to further their own skills, in addition to showing her own work.

She is running “Photoberfest” at, and each week is a different theme. It’s on the third week currently, which has the theme of action shots.

My first entry, well, it’s not any crazy *action* per se….but it’s still the action of someone applying makeup heehee! Sometimes those makeup artists’ hands move pretty fast.

Entry 1:

week 3 entry 1 {primping}

The second entry I chose because I was really trying to switch up my shutter speeds and see how different motions would look. This was a giant diamond ring at an event near where I live that was created as a fountain. I loved this thing!

Entry 2:

week 3 entry 2 {diamond fountain}