Photoberfest Contest on Katie Evans’ Photography Blog!

18 Oct

So I am always scanning the internet for interesting photographers to learn from and spark my creativity and one of these such photographers is Katie Evans. She site is so informative and I think it’s pretty neat how her blog is geared towards teaching people how to further their own skills, in addition to showing her own work.

She is running “Photoberfest” at, and each week is a different theme. It’s on the third week currently, which has the theme of action shots.

My first entry, well, it’s not any crazy *action* per se….but it’s still the action of someone applying makeup heehee! Sometimes those makeup artists’ hands move pretty fast.

Entry 1:

week 3 entry 1 {primping}

The second entry I chose because I was really trying to switch up my shutter speeds and see how different motions would look. This was a giant diamond ring at an event near where I live that was created as a fountain. I loved this thing!

Entry 2:

week 3 entry 2 {diamond fountain}


So here it goes….

6 Oct

I did a teensy weensy bit of blogging a while back. Then along came a baby and there went blogging haha! So now that I’ve gotten into more of a life routine (I think), I can go back to more of my creative pursuits. My ultimate goal is to work from home in a creative direction, so this blog is going to be dedicated to me showing my progress and things I think of to help me to that goal.

There are some things I truly love doing–photography, sewing, woodworking (if I can get back into that one), etc–and that will probably be the focus of this blog. On top of sharing creative ideas and furthering my online business at Etsy, I also want to share ideas I’ve stumbled across to help me budget and live more simply, which I know will be part of what helps me to work from home someday.

Here’s what I plan to show you as I begin my blog party(!):

  • Photographs I’ve taken, tips I’ve learned, and my general progression in this area. It’s something I’ve truly loved since I was a wee one and it’s always on my mind :) I think I family on vacation sometimes because the darn camera is always in tow–haha oh well! Also, I will post other photographers’ work whom I look up to for inspiration
  • Sewing projects! I have always wanted to learn to sew, but never dedicated the time to learn, but this past year, it’s really taken off! This is tied with photography for things I really enjoy in my “free time.”
  • Simple cooking and recipes involving my progression away from processed foods. I’ll post recipes I find or ideas from the web on how I’ve been doing because, as we all know, food can be a large chunk of the budget once you have a family.
  • and…Etsy shop updates! I have had an Etsy store since they began in 2005, although I haven’t always been active and I’ve had a few different storefronts. But I really intend to get back to that :)
Ok, I think that pretty much covers it!